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Student Accounts
Bldg B, Room B151, ECC Campus
Tel: 847-214-7380
Fax: 847-214-7445
: M-Th 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.;
F 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Closed Fridays June - Aug.

ECC Fees

Child Care Fees

Students enrolling their children at the college’s early childhood lab school pay a security deposit per family, per semester plus an hourly charge based on current costs for each child enrolled. Child care fees must be paid weekly in the Student Accounts Office. More»

Course Fees

  • Credit courses - fees applied if specialized equipment and/or individualized small group instruction are required. See the list of course fees at
  • Noncredit courses - see the individual course listing.

Course fees are refundable according to the refund schedule.

Enrollment Fee

Students enrolling in credit classes pay an enrollment fee of $6 per student, per semester.

Health Professions Application Fee

Payment of a $10 non-refundable fee is due each time a student applies to a credit health professions program. Health professions application

Instructional Fees

Instructional fees are assessed to offset higher cost teaching/learning environments. These courses require specialized consumable supplies and materials, specialized software, high tech equipment and equipment maintenance costs, individualized instruction, and low faculty to student ratios. See the list of instructional fees at Instructional fees are refundable according to the refund schedule.

Internet Fee

All students pay a lab/course fee of $20 per credit hour for courses offered online. The fee is refundable according to the refund schedule.

Laboratory Fees

Students are charged a fee for each laboratory course in which they enroll to cover the direct costs of lab materials and supplies. See the list of lab fees at

Lab fees are refundable according to the refund schedule.

Late Fee/Collection Fee

A $35 late fee is assessed to students using the college's payment plan whose payment is denied or fails to process for any reason. Students who have a balance after all financial aid has posted may also be assessed a late fee of $35. Unpaid accounts are sent to a collection agency after mid-term. These accounts will be assessed an additional $35 fee to cover collection costs. More»  

Parking Fines

Fines for ECC parking violations mirror the fines assessed by the Elgin Police Department. Students with unpaid parking restrictions cannot receive grades, transcripts or register for classes. To appeal a parking fine, go to

Past Due Balance

If you have a past due balance and wish to pay with a check or an e-check, there will be a 15-day hold on your account until you are able to receive services. If you pay a past due balance in full with cash, credit or debit card, your restriction will be removed at the time of payment. Please note that students who pay a past due balance online will have the restriction removed the next business day unless paid with an e-check.

Payment Plan Fee

ECC offers payment plans as convenient ways to budget your educational expenses. They are not loan programs. No interest or finance charges are assessed. There is a non-refundable service fee of $30 per semester that will be added to your down payment. More»  

Proficiency Fee

Students must pay $15 plus $5 per credit hour for each ECC course they intend to proficiency. A typical three credit hour course costs students $30 to proficiency ($15 plus $5 for each credit hour). Proficiency request form  

Testing Fees

Nominal fees are charged to administer some tests given by the college’s testing center and career development. Placement and assessment tests are free.

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