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Improve Your GPA

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If you've received a few low grades, get help. More»

Special Programs

Accelerating Opportunity Program

Accelerating opportunity provides career navigation and personalized advising to prepare students for the workforce. More»

Age 50+ Programs

These programs focuses on helping you get quickly re-trained for new jobs and back into the workforce by offering services specifically designed to make your journey easier and more effective. More»

Homestay Program

The homestay program promotes values of international friendship and cultural exchange and provides students with a clean, safe and caring atmosphere in which to live while attending ECC. More»

TRIO Student Support

This federally funded program encourages and assists traditionally underrepresented students. More»

Veterans Services

Expect personalized attention to help you select a program of study which incorporates the skills you learned in the military with work in a field you enjoy. More»

Youth Transitions

Young people, who are low-income and may also be a teen parent, runaway, homeless, deficient in basic skills, living in a family receiving public assistance, or have other life circumstances that may interfere with educational progress can get help. More»

Workforce Transitions

The Workforce Transitions Program provides free services including tuition, testing fees and books, referral/assistance for childcare, adult basic education and GED preparation, job search, job referral assistance and retention. More»

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