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Student Appeal 4.408

Following an informal disposition of a complaint or adjudication of a complaint (Administrative Procedure 4.401 Complaint Procedure), a dissatisfied student may appeal the decision of the Academic Dean or Student Affairs Committee and Dean of Student Services and Development by following the appropriate process:


The student has the right to appeal the decision to the appropriate vice president. The student must submit the appeal in writing within ten (10) days of receiving his/her Hearing outcome. The written appeal is to be submitted to the Dean of Students who will forward it to the appropriate vice president. The responsible vice president will inform the student of his/her decision in writing. This decision is final.

The following special appeals must follow the appropriate procedures outlined in Elgin Community College catalog, curriculum handbooks, or Administrative Procedures. Students may contact the Dean of Student Services and Development or Associate Dean for assistance in locating the specific appeal procedure.

Types of Appeals

Commonly, an appeal involves meaning, interpretation or application of established procedures,
difference of treatment. Appeals may be categorized as follows:

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