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College 101

College 101 (COL 101) is a one-credit college success course designed to help you actively learn the strategies and behaviors that contribute to success in college. Similar courses are required at colleges and universities throughout the country.

Is College 101 Mandatory?

Mandatory: If you are a first-time* ECC student enrolling full-time (12 or more credit hours per semester), you are required to take this course during your first semester at ECC.

Optional: If you are a new ECC student enrolling part-time, you are encouraged to take this class during your first semester at ECC.

*First-time is defined as being brand new to any college setting or having completed less than 15 credit hours of previous college credit at ECC or another institution.

What Will I Learn?

Did You Know?

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Students who take a college 101 course have higher grade-point averages.

When you look back on your college experience, you're apt to say this class was one of the most valuable classes you completed! You learn practical ways to set goals, manage your time, communicate effectively and other strategies that help you in college and in life.

Does It Transfer?

Yes! COL 101 counts as an elective toward associate in arts (AA) and associate in science (AS) degrees. Since similar courses are offered at colleges nationwide, COL 101 credit is recognized by most colleges and universities.

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