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Admissions & Recruitment
Bldg B, Room B110, ECC Campus
Tel: 847-214-7385
Fax: 847-608-5458
Hours: M-Th 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.; F 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Fridays June - Aug.


Massage Therapy

A fast-growing career field that's an important part of overall good health in today's stressful world, massage therapy is a licensed profession in the State of Illinois. Instruction prepares students to take a state licensing exam which, upon successful completion, allows students to apply for their Illinois licensure.
Requirements in other states may differ.

Massage Therapy Program

The massage therapy program is a three-semester, 736 hour program. Courses are firmly based in the sciences, massage theory and bodywork techniques, including a strong hands-on clinical learning experience in all three semesters. A career in massage therapy can be very self-directed, is flexible and offers
opportunities in both full- and part- time work. Students follow the course of study in a sequential order. Elgin Community College provides students with a multidimensional education that prepares them for Illinois licensure and a holistic career that addresses body, mind, and spirit.

Mission Statement of the Massage Therapy Program

It is the mission of the massage therapy department to support Elgin Community College in “Improving People’s Lives through Learning”. To that end, we will provide students highly trained instructors, an education that exceeds set standards, opportunities to give back to their community with time and service, and relevant challenges to learn, think, and act using critical thinking skills, a compassionate heart, and well trained hands.

Application & Admission Procedures

Criminal background checks and drug testing are required for all health professions programs. Students demonstrating a positive background check or drug test will be denied admission. Students demonstrating a positive background check or drug test while enrolled in the program will be dismissed from this health professions program. Information on these requirements is given to students upon acceptance to the program.

All candidates seeking admission to this program must submit the following items to the ECC Records Department:

  1. Completed ECC application - how to apply»
  2. Official high school transcripts or GED score or equivalent from country of origin
  3. Official college transcripts from other colleges attended. More»
  4. Complete and submit health professions application and fee payment.
  5. Health professions forms

Students must successfully complete MAS 100 before submitting the health professions application and before taking any additional massage therapy classes. The massage therapy program application is given to students at the final class meeting of MAS 100.

Students seeking application to this program must take the PSB-HOA exam after completing MAS 100 and score in the 25th percentile.  PSB-HOA testing information

Special Admissions Requirements

  1. Score in the 25th percentile or better in each section of the PSB-HOA exam, students who score in the 12th to 24th percentile after the second attempt may be granted conditional part-time admission
  2. Cumulative grade of 75 percent or better in MAS 100
  3. Written final exam score in MAS 100 of 68 percent or better
  4. High school diploma, GED certificate, or 60+ college level credits
    Return to Massage Therapy Department:
  5. Completed massage therapy program application packet
  6. One receipt from a professional massage received within the previous nine months of application to the program
  7. A written critique of the professional massage

Once all application materials have been delivered to the ECC Records Department and the Massage Therapy Department, the student is contacted regarding their acceptance to the program. All admissions are subject to approval of program administration. An interview may be scheduled if requested. If the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of seats available (20 per program), admission to the program will be competitive and selective.

All students accepted into the Massage Therapy Program will be required to attend an orientation session, held the week before classes start. In their acceptance packet, students are notified regarding orientation, books, supplies, official department scrubs and a background and drug test.


Financial Information

Tuition and Fee information. More»

Included in the fees for your courses are student membership and insurance in a professional massage therapy organization, your student name tag, and payment for your exam for state licensing. Books, supplies and uniforms cost approximately $1,800 over and above program tuition and fees. Unless other arrangements are made through Student Accounts, each semester must be paid for before registering for the next semester.

Student Massage Clinics

Community members are invited to be clients in our practice and learning clinics as ECC student-therapists bring together their classroom academics with technique and practice. Clinics are a student-centered learning experience. Clients are participants in an educational process, not a professional clinic. Instructors direct the students on technique and area of focus. Download clinic policies

If you are interested in attending our student massage clinics, ECC offers online scheduling. Get details

Scheduling Appointments

ECC offers online scheduling through Schedulicity. Schedule your appointment today!


  1. Visit
  2. Select 'schedule now' link
    You will see massage services to choose from, based on the level of education the student therapist currently has.
  3. Select the massage you would like to reserve
  4. Select ‘pick for me’ link in the therapist section; to view choices
  5. Select from the available dates
  6. Select the time desired
  7. Review your appointment

Scheduling Limits

You may schedule one appointment per month in order to allow our students to experience a variety of clients. Attempts to schedule more than one appointment per month will result in all appointments canceled and the inability to schedule in the future.

Cancelling Appointments

You can cancel online up to 8 hours before your appointment.  We ask that you reserve canceling less than 8 hours in advance for emergencies only and call 847 214 7323.

No Show Policy

If you do not show for your appointment, you will forfeit the ability to schedule appointments in the future.  Our students value this learning experience and having clients for them is vital to their success.

Clinics Schedule

  • Fall semester clinics are October through December
  • Spring semester clinics are January through May
  • Summer semester clinics are June and July

Administrative Fees

  • Clinic I - Duration of session will vary | $10- Specific area of focus assigned by instructor
  • Clinic II – 55 minutes | $20- Students practice full body sessions
  • Clinic III – 55 minutes | $30- Students run their own clinic, office managers and therapists
    Discounts available for Seniors and Vets with ID for Clinic III

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