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Honors Program Director
Bldg B, Room B347, ECC Campus
Tel: 847-214-7514

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Honors Program

The ECC Honors Program offers talented and highly motivated students rich and challenging classes to cultivate their potential.

Honors courses offer you smaller class sizes and innovative learning experiences, including experiences outside the classroom. You will learn from exceptional ECC faculty as well as from your high-achieving peers. Participation in the program also enhances your competiveness for scholarships and acceptance to four-year institutions.

Through your involvement with the program you will:

  • Research, analyze, synthesize, and share your findings from a broad range of material.
  • Independently and critically integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge.
  • Explore alternative and global perspectives.
  • Reflect on the consequences of your ideas and actions, for yourself, for others, and for society.
  • Participate in learning experiences beyond the classroom that include service and leadership opportunities.

Program Information

Future Honors Students - Information about program admission requirements, program expectations and application form. more

Current Honors Program Students -  - Information about policies and procedures related to being an ECC Honors Program student, Honors Program Handbook, tuition waiver policy, and program eligibility requirements. more 

Annual Honors Program Schedule - Review annual honors program schedule. view

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