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Bldg K, Room K111.03, ECC Campus 
Tel: 847-214-6944


The Integrated Career & Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) is a guided support program proven to enhance success for students pursuing a Basic Vocational Specialist (BVS) certificate within the following programs of study:

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) operator
  • Dental office aide
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR)
  • Basic Nurse Assistant (BNA)/Phlebotomy
  • Welding

Upon earning a BVS certificate, ICAPS students may choose to enter the workforce and/or continue on in their educational journeys.

How ICAPS Works

ICAPS students take classes together throughout their programs with the goal of earning a vocational certificate in less than one year. In addition to attending core career and technical education courses, ICAPS students also benefit from free academic support and career navigation classes specially designed to ensure that students perform well in their programs of study and are ready to start their careers.

ICAPS Program Benefits

The ICAPS program at ECC offers students many benefits, including:

  • A clear pathway of courses that leads to a vocational certificate in less than one year.
  • The ability to earn credit through free academic support classes.
  • Free loaner textbooks.
  • A dedicated student support specialist who provides job search assistance, including résumé and interview skills development.
  • The advantage of taking classes with the same group of peers throughout the program.

Who Can Participate in ICAPS?

ICAPS is intended for students interested in high-growth, high-wage careers. Students who participate in ICAPS should be willing to commit to completing the program in one year or less. All full-time, daytime students seeking a Basic Vocational Specialist (BVS) certificate in one of the five ICAPS career pathways are encouraged to participate in the program to benefit from the free, guided support. For more information, contact the ICAPS program coordinator at 847-214-6944.

ICAPS Career Pathways

ICAPS students will complete a Basic Vocational Specialist (BVS) certificate in the program of their choice in less than one year.

The following ICAPS programs can be completed in one semester:

Dental Office Aide

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR)

The following ICAPS programs can be completed in two semesters:

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator



*The BNA/Phlebotomy program requires two semesters of coursework and a three-week clinical once coursework has been completed.

Additional stackable certifications leading to an Associate of Applied Science Degree are available in most program areas for students who wish to continue their studies.

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