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Nursing Admission Calculator

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Nursing Program

The college offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing. Upon successful completion, graduates areeligible to take the NCLEX-RN state licensure exam to become a registered nurse (RN). A Basic Vocational Certificate in the Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program to become a certified nurse assistant is also available.

Note: Criminal background checks and drug testing are required for all health professions programs. Students applying to the health professions programs must provide a valid social security number in order to complete the criminal background check required by clinical agencies and to take licensing/certification exams. Students demonstrating a positive background check or positive drug test will be denied admission to health professions programs. Students demonstrating a positive background check or positive drug test while enrolled in health professions programs will be dismissed from the program.

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Program Effectiveness Data

Program Effectiveness Data
  2014 – 2015 2015 – 2016 2016 – 2017
Students Completing the RNProgram (January - December) 99 97 63 to date
1st Time Pass Rate on NCLEX-RN Licensure Exam (January - December) 90% (89/99) 91% (88/97) Pending
Graduates obtaining a job 83% 100% Pending

Admissions Procedures

Nursing Program

All nursing applicants must complete the following steps prior to applying for applying for admission to the nursing program:



Screening Process

The Nursing Program uses a competitive admission procedure. Applicants are responsible for making sure that all admission materials are submitted by the deadline and all admission requirements have been met. Incomplete applications will not be screened. Applications will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Score in 25th percentile or better in each section of the PSB-HOA exam.
  • BIO 110* is a prerequisite for BIO 245, BIO 246 and BIO 265 and does not have a time limit.
  • Grade of C or better in BIO 245 or equivalent within the last 10 years.
  • Grade of C or better in PSY100 or equivalent.
  • Grade of C or better in PSY 218 or equivalent.
  • BIO 246 or equivalent must be completed prior to nursing program admission or taken concurrently with first semester nursing courses. A grade of C or better within the last 10 years is required. Completion of BIO 246 is strongly recommended prior to submitting application.
  • BIO 265 or equivalent must be completed with a C or better within the last 10 years prior to entering the second semester of the nursing program. Completion of BIO 265 is strongly recommended prior to submitting application.
  • Completion of general education courses required for degree completion (ENG 101, ENG 102, Liberal Studies Elective)
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