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Instructional Coordinator
Bldg M, Room 117, ECC Campus
Tel: 847-214-7654

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Firefighter Training Program

ECC offers classes that allow firefighters to earn certifications through the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal. Classes accommodate the work schedules of both full-time and part-time firefighters and may transfer into some credit classes for firefighters pursuing a degree in ECC’s fire science and safety program.

Who Can Attend the Program?

  • Any firefighter in Illinois who meets Illinois Administrative Codes
  • Must be engaged in firefighting in an organized Illinois fire department as a fire protection person or trainee as attested to by their respective fire chief
  • Must be physically fit as per NFPA, if required
  • May need to supply personal safety equipment including a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

Classes Offered

Note: Online registration is not available for firefighter training classes.

Who are Our Instructors?

All instructors are certified by the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal. They are chiefs, fire officers and firefighters that serve in the area and understand the needs of rural and city firefighting for full, combination and volunteer departments. Further, our instructors are dedicated to fire service, its traditions, and to ensuring the education and safety of those who attend ECC classes.

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