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Placement Test Appeals 4.404

Students may place into reading, writing, and math classes through the following options:  appropriate score on the ACT, AP credit, Elgin Community College’s placement tests, CLEP exam for English 101.  

The tests that can be appealed are: ECC placement tests or the CLEP College Composition Modular Exam with Essay.

A student may retake each of Elgin Community College’s reading, math, or writing placement tests once before taking a class in those areas.  A student may retake the CLEP exam 6 months after each attempt.  

After retesting, if a student is still not satisfied with his or her results and wants to appeal the placement, he or she may appeal by filling out the Appeal Form in the Testing Center. The form is available from desk staff. 

All decisions on appeals will be made in 15 business days or less. All decisions are final.

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