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Attendance Procedures

Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled and to know the attendance policy of each of their instructors.  Under no circumstances should a student stop attending class without formally withdrawing. This can result in a failing grade on the student’s permanent record. Attendance at the first class is expected. Registered students who do not attend the first day and do not contact the instructor may be dropped from the class for non-attendance.

Extended Absence Notification for Students 4.104

The Office of the Dean of Student Services and Development may provide assistance to students who experience a family or personal emergency that will result in absence from classes for more than three consecutive class sessions (e.g. death in the family, unplanned hospitalization, etc.) by notifying their faculty. The Dean of Student Services and Development’s Office will issue email notification to the faculty as a service to the student. The Dean will inform the student or family member that documentation to support the absence is necessary and should be forwarded to be filed in a confidential file in the Dean of Student Services and Development’s Office. The Dean can be contacted at or 847-214-7715.

It is also highly recommended that students contact their instructor via email and/or phone even if they will only be absent one day or two consecutive days from classes. The instructor may request documentation to support the absence.

Each faculty member will determine if the absence is excused according to his/her attendance policy. Notification from the Dean of Student Services and Development for extended absences does not constitute an excused absence. Faculty members and some grant funded programs have individual and specific attendance requirements. Students are expected to know these requirements and to abide by them.

Extra and co-curricular Mandatory Attendance Policy 4.405

Instructors may require that students attend extra- or co-curricular activities in connection with coursework, but they must also provide alternative activities for students who are unable to attend because of class or work conflicts or for religious or financial reasons. Other documented reasons will be evaluated at the discretion of the instructor.

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