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Information for Parents

ECC is a great place for you and your kids.

Choosing ECC

College Planning Events

Want help getting started on your student's college planning?

Helping Anyone Succeed at ECC

  • Preschooler - use ECC's child care center. More»
  • Current high school student - start at ECC before graduating from high school. More»
  • High school dropout- earn an equivalency diploma through our GED program. More»
  • College freshman - come for a full two-year program, one semester before transferring, or just a summer class. More»
  • Adult learner - take personal/professional development, continuing education classes. More»

Need to Know Details

Your child is the first in your family to go to college. Low income, first-generation college students, regardless of age, find assistance available through TRiO support services. More»

Your child needs to obtain basic workforce skills. Youth Transitions programs target low-income youth who have life circumstances interfering with educational progress. More»

Your child can benefit from ACT prep course. This course uses Cambridge materials, including retired per and post-ACT test. Major areas of study covered are English, math, science and reading. More»

Your child requires special accommodations. ECC provides services for students with disabilities. More»

You have low income or receive public assistance. Tuition and job search assistance, remedial education and training, and support services may be available to persons meeting eligibility criteria. More»

You think about starting or returning to college. Attend an information session to help you enter the job market, change jobs, or get a promotion. More»

Take Advantage of ECC

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