CEK    050    Adv Robotics (ages 8-12)

In this workshop you'll be building and taking home the Jungle Robot, an advanced level robot. There are many steps in the assembly process, one of which is the gear box. You'll get to see and learn how different types of gears mesh and are driven by a motor. You'll connect the motor, battery and microphone to a circuit board, which will program your sound activated (clap of the hand) robot. There will be time set aside in this workshop, to put your imagination and skills to the challenge. Working in small groups, you'll build different robotic creatures and vehicles. They will eventually be tested for speed, strength and endurance. The robots built in this section of the workshop are not taken home. They are taken apart and the parts are reused to build yet another robotic creation. Tires, motors, gears, wires and controllers are used to move these robots across the floor. After making trial runs, you can modify your designs to increase your robot's level of speed and/or strength, to meet the testing challenge. Your robotic creations will be tested in Sumo battles, tugs- of-war and vehicle distance timings, etc. Register by 7/7/14
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