CEB    903    ACT Test Preparation

Every single point matters. Using the Cambridge "Six-Step Approach", students receive diagnostic testing and assessment through pre- and post-testing. Students participate in basic skills review, in-class problem solving, concepts and strategies. There is practice test reinforcement to identify subject matter the student needs to "brush-up on" and demonstrate. Reading, English, Science and Math are taught by experienced instructors. This course is designed to help students achieve test scores to reflect their potential by helping them focus on key areas. Books and practice tests are included in the cost of the course and are provided to students during the class. Please register no later than one week before the class start date to assure we will have books for you at the first session. You can still register for the class online until the day it starts unless it is full or has been cancelled. Books will be provided for these students by the second session. Note: This class consists of a pre-test, four content sessions, and a post-test. Please bring two #2 pencils and an ACT approved calculator for the test days. The first and last day of the course are dedicated to testing. They will last three and a half hours. The four days in between are teaching days that last three hours, so the student receives twelve hours of classroom instruction.
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