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New campus mural showcases the history and artistry of mathematics


(From left) Senior Graphic Designer Jay Conglis stands with Assistant Mathematics Professor Abigail Bailey, Assistant Mathematics Professor Kenneth Beynon and Mathematics Instructor Greg Wheaton.

With the fall semester entering its second week, a new feature on the second floor of Building D is catching the attention of students and employees.

“I've noticed a lot of students walk past, stop in their tracks and get lost in it,” Assistant Mathematics Professor Kenneth Beynon said of the new mural located across from a lounge area and near the Math Lab. It was installed before the start of fall classes.

Beynon, Assistant Mathematics Professor Abigail Bailey and Mathematics Instructor Greg Wheaton came up with the idea for a math-inspired mural. After seeing the success of the poetry wall, which was installed in 2014 on the second floor of Building B, they felt something similar could enhance their area.

“We have a lot of beige,” joked Bailey. “We wanted something that could inspire our students.”

Collaborating with the Marketing and Communications Department and Senior Graphic Designer Jay Conglis, the mural is a large display of equations, quotes, imagery and a mathematics history timeline. Wheaton said the display is to show that mathematics has and will continue to evolve over time.

“Mathematics isn't a one-man or a one-woman show. It's a lot of diverse views over a very long period of time,” he said.

As for the equations, they have a purpose and were not randomly selected. Beynon said the equations reflect what is being taught in every ECC math class. No matter what the course level, students can look at the wall and see something from their lessons.

Beynon, Bailey and Wheaton said Conglis worked closely with them throughout the development of the mural. “It would be something totally different without his input,” said Wheaton.

Conglis is glad about how the project turned out-especially after seeing it on his computer during much of the summer.

“It's amazing how it looks now that it has been installed,” he said. “Everyone has been impressed by the scope of the project and the color scheme. It was truly a collaborative effort and I enjoyed working with Kenneth, Greg and Abigail.”


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