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Jose Francisco Ramirez: ECC helps make dreams come true

Jose Francisco Ramirez

Jose Francisco Ramirez, ECC graduating class of spring 2016

The life of each person continuously changes according to the environment in which he or she is evolving. From my point of view, each person's yearning of accomplishment will affect other lives in a negative or positive way. Fortunately, community colleges play an important role in these positive changes and contributes directly in education, learning achievements, well-being, and growth of the people.

Personally, the desire of improvement, along with the education and support that Elgin Community College has given me in the past two and half years has improved my life in a radically positive way.

In previous years, I have had the opportunity for an education, but inexperience and immaturity prevented me from obtaining success. As an adult, I now have the thirst of overcoming those difficulties and I also have implemented the effort that is needed to accomplish my goals of becoming an HVAC technician and be able to provide a quality education for my children.

I believe there are a lot of people with the desire and aptitude to achieve anything they plan. Unfortunately, diverse obstacles or situations impede or delay their academic progress. However, ECC supports and subsidizes the dreams of many students like myself, with the aspiration to overcome anything in order to succeed and be an inspiration to other people as well. I am a student that has had the opportunity to be part of this great educational institution because ECC has provided me with the tools; financial aid, knowledge, and the support that I needed to accomplish my goals.

Finding the right institution with the precise programs, training, financial aid and professional support from the Accelerated Opportunity program it is not an easy task. ECC has found a way to put them all together with only one purpose: To aid students in making the transition between having a vision and building a solid foundation to reach their objectives.

My life has changed socially, mentally, academically, and hopefully financially. I am on the pathway to a better future for my family and myself. ECC has given me the enhancement that I needed to reach what l considered unreachable.

I am an ECC student that has found the confidence, the skills, the knowledge, and support that I needed to pursue my desires of improving my life. If you are someone that has the potential and willingness to become  successful, I encourage you to become a student at ECC, because success is reachable and ECC wants to help you achieve your dreams.

~ Jose Francisco Ramirez, Elburn 


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