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Miguel Garcia: ECC supported me inside and outside the classroom

Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia, ECC graduating class of spring 2016

I chose to come to ECC because of several reasons. It was the smart financial choice and it was close to home. It would also allow me to explore different areas to help me decide if I really wanted to major in film. Lastly, my early visits to the campus made me feel I was in a welcoming environment were students were happy being at. I felt I fitted in.

The biggest obstacles I had to overcome were the cultural aspects. I still didn't dominate English when I started, so it was hard to keep up with classes. It was also hard that there were things people were expected to know, and I, having lived mostly in Mexico, was left clueless. That's why I looked for constant support in departments like Academic Advising and TRiO, as well as student organizations, particularly ASPIRE 1G, where I found friends and mentors to support me through this journey.

My advice for current ECC students is to take advantages of all resources on campus. At least try them once, from financial aid to fitness center. Also, get involved. Join a club or an organization at Student Life, or join a sports team or theater production. There's something for everyone. It's not only fun but it lets you grow as an individual and as a leader.

My experience attending ECC was very rewarding. Every class was helpful and every extracurricular activity was beneficial in ways I did not expect. There were many opportunities for me to grow in my career field thanks to my involvement in Student Life and in the Communication Design Department.

Moreover, I found a great support group of friends with common goals that make look forward to seeing them and making great things together every day. I was often busy and running from one place to another, but it was all fun and worth it. I thank God for all of it!

~ Miguel Garcia, Streamwood


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