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Melliza Malabanan offers advice to current and future ECC students

Melliza Malabanan

ECC graduate, Melliza Malabanan

I lived in Chicago up until I was 17 years old and in my junior year of high school, I moved out to the suburbs with my family. It was a big but necessary change for us. During my senior year of high school, I was given the opportunity to take part in the Tech Prep Program at ECC. The program allowed me to take college classes at ECC while I was still taking classes in high school. The program was truly a great experience that supported my decision to stay and continue at ECC. Affordability was a big factor in why I chose to attend ECC. Although the classes are more affordable than university classes, the quality of schooling we have here is comparative if not better (in my opinion) than much of the schooling students receive at bigger universities. I've had really great experiences and have developed great relationships with many of my professors. It's a blessing to be able to connect with your professors and to know that they actually want you to learn and succeed. In the last couple years there have been a lot of health and financial hardships that had made it difficult to balance school and work. My family and friends have been my anchor through it all; their support for me has helped me strive through the hardships and I am thankful every day for the wonderful people in my life. Despite the hardships and downfalls, the whole experience has made me realize my true calling and I am, once again, motivated and driven to create a bright future for myself.

To current and future students, I implore you to get involved on campus! Visit Student Life and find out how to get involved and find your passion! In my time here at ECC, I've seen, worked with, and helped develop amazing students and leaders. In the best and worst of times, Student Life staff and my close friends have been there for me and consistently supporting me and my dreams. Without them, I would not be where I am today. I credit my involvement in Phi Theta Kappa, ASPIRE, and Student Government, among the many wonderful clubs and organizations, to my development as a student leader, a mentor, and an individual. The person I was when I first came to ECC is vastly different from the person I am today. Coming to ECC was the best decision I made. I'm really excited to move forward, but I will always look back fondly at my time here at ECC.

Melliza Malabanan



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