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ECC increases fines for smoking violations

After negotiating terms of the smoke-free campus policy, Elgin Community College administrators and campus union representatives agreed to stiffen the penalties for violations to deter smokers from violating the policy.

"We also want to reinforce our goal of becoming a healthier, smoke-free campus," said Sharon Konny, vice president of business and finance. "By increasing the fines, we hope everyone will take notice and adhere to the policy more closely."

ECC's smoke-free policy, which is in compliance with the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act, has been in effect since March 30, 2015.

The new fine structure is as follows:

  • First offense- Warning
  • Second offense -$50
  • Third offense - $100
  • Fourth offense - $200
  • Fifth offense - $400
  • Sixth offense - $800
  • Seventh and subsequent offenses - $1,600

All citations issued to students will be reported to the Dean of Student Services and Development on a monthly basis.  Repeated offenses could lead to administrative actions. 

For employees, all citations will be reported to the Human Resources department on a monthly basis. After the third offense or when employees do not pay fines in a timely manner, employees will be subject to discipline in the same manner as with any other work-rule violation.

Visitors to an ECC campus will be asked to extinguish smoking material and dispose of in a safe and sanitary manner immediately upon request.  If a visitor refuses to comply with this request, ECC police may issue a citation and/or direct the visitor to leave the ECC campus. 

Students, visitors, and employees are only allowed to smoke in a parked vehicle in smoking designated lots A, H, and J provided: they are in their own parked vehicle or in another parked vehicle, with the owner's permission; the doors and windows of the vehicle remain closed; and, the vehicle is parked in a designated parking lot. Smoking material must be extinguished inside of the vehicles.

Referrals for smoking cessation and educational materials are available for employees through the ECC Employee Wellness Committee (  Assistance with smoking cessation for students is available through Wellness Services ( To view the updated policy in its entirety, visit


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