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Elgin Community College Faculty Association Contract Negotiations

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the negotiating parties?

The negotiating parties are the Elgin Community College Faculty Association (ECCFA), which represents ECC’s full-time faculty and unit I/unit II adjunct faculty, and the Community College District 509 Board of Trustees, which represents the residents of District 509.

What is discussed during negotiations?

Items discussed during negotiations include but are not limited to working conditions, compensation, and benefits.

What happens during a negotiations session?

Both sides present proposals for consideration, in an effort to reach an agreement.

When does the current contract end?

The current contract ends December 31, 2013.

Will negotiations affect classes or student services?

Both the college and faculty team are committed to putting student learning first during the negotiations process. Classes and student services will continue as scheduled during negotiations.

How long will negotiations last?

Generally, negotiations will last until a new contract is completed. ECCFA members vote to approve the contract. Once approved, the Board of Trustees votes to approve. Then the contract is official.

Would records of negotiations be made public, such as the new salaries?

Yes, once the contract is completed, it will be posted online at

If a deal is not reached by the deadline, will students be affected? If so, will tuition go up?

Would a strike happen as a result of no deals made by the contract deadline?

Both sides are committed to reaching an agreement and have been working closely since September 11, 2013. If an agreement is not reached by the contract deadline, both sides can continue to negotiate until a new agreement is reached. Tuition is not directly affected by negotiations.

Can students do anything to help?

Students can share the FAQs with other students who have questions about negotiations.

Please note: These Frequently Asked Questions were created jointly by Elgin Community College Faculty Association and Community College District 509 Board of Trustees on October 10, 2013, and updated on December 2, 2013.