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An important feature of internal governance, committees provide a forum for diverse ideas to be heard, a mechanism for problem-solving and an environment for issues to be studied in a more in-depth manner than could be accomplished individually.

TLSD Administrative Procedure Review Team

  • To review, research and make recommendations to the vice president for teaching, learning and student development on policies that deal with instructional related issues


Jennifer McClure, Managing Director of Enrollment (Chair)
Bldg B, Room B105 


Annamarie Schopen (Vice Chair)
Bldg B, Room 157

Assessment Committee

  • To identify general education outcomes, develop and monitor measures for these outcomes, report the results to the college community, and organize efforts to develop improvement strategies
  • The Committee meets twice a month during the academic year, and anyone interested from the college is welcome to attend


Eric Long, Instructor of Speech
Bldg B, Room B349

Curriculum Committee

  • To review all new courses and programs to ensure that the curriculum reflects the current educational goals of the college
  • The committee meets the first and third Fridays of each month during the school year


Joseph Rosenfeld, Associate Professor I of Human Services
Bldg F, Room F107

Faculty Development

  • To improve, enhance, enrich and strengthen the teaching/learning process


Marta Walz
Bldg B, Room B318


MAGIC Newsletter

  • To assist ECC faculty in all disciplines to incorporate interrelation and intercultural perspectives into their work as instructors, counselors, and librarians
  • To assist administration and staff in understanding and celebrating all cultures
  • To assist human resources staff in recruitment of faculty, staff and students, and to develop or recommend activities/programs to assist our community to successfully meet their educational goals
  • To expand the knowledge, skills and research of multiculturalism in the evolving culture of the college
  • To design accountability and assessment measures


Kim Tarver, Professor I of Physical Therapy 
Bldg A, Room A153

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