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Equity Coordinating Council

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Student Success Infrastructure

ECC’s vision for student success is tightly coupled with the success of the college as well as that of the local community. Working within a framework established by Achieving the Dream, we are committed to establishing an institutional culture that promotes collaboration, equity, accountability, and cultural competency to improve student success.

Student Success Infrastructure Teams & Taskforces

Image of Student Success Infrastructure Model

Learning-Centered Model of Institutional Improvement

ECC relies on a five step model of institutional improvement which involves:

  1. Asking good questions.
  2. Collecting and analyzing data.
  3. Engaging in “courageous conversations”.
  4. Using results to guide systemic improvement.
  5. Establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

By exercising these steps at each phase of project deployment, from pilot to full-scale roll-out, we guide efforts toward maximum success. Download diagram

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