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Request for Board Minutes

Minutes of all board meetings are kept by the board recorder. The public may inspect and copy all open-session minutes; they may also inspect and copy closed-sessions minutes which the board of trustees has approved for public release.

All open-session minutes are posted on ECC's website for two years. Persons wishing to either view or obtain copies of minutes of board meetings that are no longer posted online should submit this form to the FOIA Compliance Officer (Ms. Marilyn Prentice). After FOIA approval, viewing or obtaining copies of minutes is by appointment only, during regular office hours. View minutes» 

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I hereby request the opportunity to: *


the following public record(s). Please precisely describe the record(s): *


By selecting "Accept", I understand that I will be charged for the duplication of public records according to the fee schedule. I further understand that these records are not to be used to further a commercial enterprise.


A response to your request will be made within 7 working days of receipt of this request.

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