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When it comes to maximizing benefit for your investment of time, continuing education classes are your solution. Choose from hundreds of affordable, convenient and easy to use offerings in-class or on-line.

If you want to learn skills to move ahead in the workplace, earn a new job, prepare for national certification in high demand career fields like healthcare, improve your computer skills, or just have fun learning something new like dance or culinary workshops, Continuing Education at Elgin Community College has a class for you!"

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Cooking with Chef Doug!

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Join Chef Doug for Hands on Artisanal Sausage Making!

CEA-159 Artisanal Sausage Making

Tasting, equipment knowledge, knife skills, casing are all part of this class to help you make your own sausage. Class one focuses on fresh sausage. Class two brings the important topic of casings. Learning what is available, what texture they bring to the link, and how to handle and stuff are part of the evening. Class three is stepping up our knowledge by learning the basic technique of emulsified sausages. Chef Doug introduces the binding of your sausage from the first grind to the second grind and coming up with the finish product along with the quenelle tests and basic poaching. The last class completes the course with topic of cured sausages. Making a classic true peperone and chorizo may be in your culinary repertoire.

WEDNESDAYS, 8/7 - 8/28     6:30 PM - 9 PM     $175

For more info or to register call 847-622-3036

or visit (select >Summer 2013 >Cooking)

or just follow this link


Kids' College 2013 July 29th-Aug 1st

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Kids' College 2013 is coming to a close. The ECC Department of Continuing Education and Kids' College staff want to thank you for a great summer and a huge thank you for the parent and kids' support of our summer programming!

We are excited to see you next week as Summer Theatre and Pre-Algebra wrap up!

Questions or concerns? Contact Joan Arnal at 847-214-7123

Kids' College pics are on-line!

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Parents be sure to like "Elgin Community College Kids College 2013" on Facebook!

Here you can view the photographs of class projects and progressions!

Just up this morning are pictures of students in "Sewing Doll Clothes" preparing for their fashion show this afternoon; progress pictures of students building their own robots in "Follow Me Robot"; and great progress shots as students work on drawing animals from National Geographic in "I Can Draw."

We appreciate your support!

Follow this link to our Facebook page:


Fall 2013 Classes posted

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For those who are anxious about community learning classes this Fall 2013 view our Continuing Education Home Page Be sure to select "Fall 2013" from the drop-down menu to see Fall course options.

Most classes are posted and more will be added in the coming weeks.

Have questions or concerns about classes? Feel free to contact us and we can help lead you in the right direction!

Unsure what these types of classes are? Continuing Education, Community Learning, Non-credit classes, and many of the other names given to these classes can get confusing or overwhelming.

The Department of Continuing Education at Elgin Community College offers non-credit class options for personal interest, skill enhancement, test preparation for national certifications, career training, CEU's, and lifelong learning. We provide in-class and on-line options that are affordable and can easily fit into the busiest of schedules, and be completed faster than the typical credit-long semester options.

 Visit our course listings on the ECC website:, send us an e-mail or call 847-622-3036 to get answers to your questions about the Department of Continuing Education at Elgin Community College! 

ACT Test Preparation

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CEB-903-200 ACT Test Preparation     $339

Tues & Fri, 7/23* & 8/9*     9AM - 1:30 PM

Tues & Fri, 7/30 - 8/8     9 AM - 1PM 

For more info or to register, call 847-622-3036

or visit us at (Select >Summer 2013 >Test Preparation)

Project pictures are posted!

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Parents! Don't forget Kids' College 2013 is on Facebook. Projects pictures and Future Filmmaking Academy short films are posted here! Progress media is updated daily from all weeks of class!

Have any good images you would like to share? Feel free to contact us through Facebook, and if appropriate, we would be more than happy to share them! Let's make this a fun community for the summer! Hope to see you there soon!

Using the iPad as a Business Tool

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NEXT CLASS IS: WEDNESDAY, 7/17/13    8 AM - 12 PM     $99

CEC-063 Using the iPad as a Business Tool

This interactive workshop provides as in-depth and engaging view of how to perform the daily business tasks using the iPad instead of a laptop. You will discover how to design spreadsheets, documents, and presentations directly related to your professional duties and learn how to quickly and easily transfer materials to others. You will also learn how to find and utilize Apps that support specific business objectives. In addition to vital tips that will help you manage your workload more effectively. You may bring an iPad, however, it is not required

To register call 847-622-3036

or visit us at (Select >Summer 2013 >Computers)

or click here:

Kids' College Projects on Facebook!

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Week 3 Kids' College final projects and progressions are posted up on Facebook. More pictures and videos will be uploaded throughout the day. Be sure to see the progress your children have made over the last week!

Future Filmmaker's Academy Students

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Attention Parents of the Future Filmmaker's Academy:

There is still space in CEC-533 From Script to Screen (ages 8-16)    

This class is exclusively available to students who have taken at least (1) Future Filmmaker's Academy class.

Students will work together to formulate and pitch ideas, collaborate on a short narrative screenplay, prepare and rehearse scene work, and, last but not least, bring their ideas to life in a completed short film.

All aspiring filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, and directors will not want to miss out on this experience!

Class meets MTWTH 7/29-8/1    1 PM - 4 PM     $139

Have questions? Contact Joan Arnal at 847-214-7123

Ready to register? Call 847-622-3036 or register on-line at (Select >Summer 2013 >Kids College >CEC-533)

or follow this link:


Kids' College July8th

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Welcome back to Kids' College! We have a great week ahead for all of those who will be participating.

If any questions or concerns come up do not hesitate to contact Joan Arnal at 847-214-7123.

Be sure to like us on Facebook to view the progress of class activities and projects and stay up-to-date with any class changes and emergency information at