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Chongqing, China (Short-term at CTBU)

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With a culture steeped in 6,000 years of history, China has emerged as a popular study abroad destination among U.S. students. This program in China offers students a life-changing opportunity to experience life and culture in the world's second largest economy. In partnership with Chongqing Technology and Business University, ECC students can spend two weeks studying Chinese language, culture and history in the bustling city of Chongqing.

Program Overview

Chongqing Technology and Business University is situated in Chongqing city – known as the ‘gateway to the west.' The main campus, nestled at the foot of Nanshan Mountain and near the famous Yangtze River, lies only 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from the central shopping and entertainment area of Chongqing. Participants in this program will enroll as students at CTBU and complete tours and study related to Chinese language, culture and history. Electives are available in the fields of humanities and business. This is an academic study abroad and cultural program, and students will earn 2 credits during the course of the program.

The cornerstone of the program is the immersion of participants into the local community, including interaction with Chinese students and excursions, which provide an introduction to the history, culture, and people of China. The program incorporates traditional classroom instruction with cultural excursions to enhance the student’s study abroad experience. Cultural excursions may include:

  • Tour of Chongqing city
  • Chinese ‘paper cut’ design by local artists
  • Visit to Lao Jun Cave, a Taoist temple
  • Tour of ancient city Ciqikou
  • Traditional Chinese dinner gathering

CTBU features a beautifully landscaped campus with many trees and gardens. The unique architecture of the university’s buildings makes the campus a popular attraction for local people and tourists. An excellent bus network and light rail system connects CTBU to the city center and the surrounding suburbs. CTBU boasts strong teaching resources and advanced research facilities; small classes guarantee one-on-one attention. The campus also features basketball, volleyball and tennis courts and a swimming pool for student use. A supermarket, post office, bank and hospital are also located on campus.

Program Dates

  • Applications closed for May 2015. Dates for 2016 will be announced when they are available.

Program Application Deadline

  • February 15

Admission Requirements

This program is open to serious students, teachers, and others who have a strong interest in immersing themselves in another culture. Applicants are required to obtain a physician's approval as part of the application process. There will be a personal interview to determine the applicant's maturity, ability to adapt to a different environment, and function successfully as a member of the group. The successful completion of the application process is required for admission to the program. College students must also present evidence of a 2.5 GPA.

Academic Program

Students earn two semester hours in college credit in the semester program. All students earn ECC credit; classes taken at CTBU are reflected as ECC classes on an ECC transcript. Courses are selected from an abbreviated list. Students are required to participate in a Chinese language course and may choose from the following courses:

  • Topics in International Studies
  • Topics in Humanities

Prior to submitting your application to the ECC Center for International Education and Programs, please make an appointment with Sean Jensen in the Academic Advising Department to select preliminary courses and review your educational plan. An appointment can be made by calling the Academic Advising Department at 847-214-7390 or by visiting building B, room B120.

Lodging and Meals

Students will live in CTBU’s International Student Apartments. The apartments are well equipped with furniture, private toilet, air conditioner, telephone, internet, and kitchen appliances. Students may eat at any of the five canteens on campus, cook in their apartment, or eat out. If students choose to eat out, there are several restaurants in the surrounding communities.


A passport is required of all U.S. citizens to travel to China. U.S. citizens need a visa to travel to China; participants who are not U.S. citizens may need a visa to travel to China. Students need to notify the Center for International Education and Programs (B105) if they are not U.S citizens. Upon acceptance into the program, students will be provided with direction on how to apply for a visa.


A pre-departure orientation will be held prior to the start of the program. Orientation will cover important information related to safety, security, insurance and program expectations. Attendance is required. Orientation is held at ECC.

Program Fees

The program fee is $497, subject to change. Fees cover:

  • ECC tuition and related administrative cost at CTBU
  • Mandatory health insurance
  • Lodging at CTBU
  • Required cultural activities and excursions
  • Student Identity card
  • In-country airport transfers

Fees do not cover:

  • Airfare
  • Passport
  • Trip interruption insurance
  • Chinese visa application fee
  • Chinese CQ entry, exit and insurance fees
  • Meals for the duration of the program
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation to and from O’Hare International Airport

Financial Aid

Financial aid (grants, loans, other scholarships, etc.) may be available to those who qualify. Students wishing to use financial aid for study abroad should contact the Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss requirements. An appointment can be made by calling the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 847-214-7360 or by visiting building B, room B156.
Please note that all fees are payable to ECC, regardless of how a student pays for the study abroad program.

Applying to the Program

To apply for the CTBU Chongqing program, please complete the following forms:

  • CTBU Short-Term Study Abroad Application
  • Financial Aid Certification Form  

The most current application can be picked up from the Center for International Education and Programs in building B, room B105 or by emailing An appointment with the Director of International Education and Programs is required prior to a student's application being complete. Appointments can be made by calling 847-214-7231. The appointment will give students the opportunity to learn more about the program, ask questions, and have the study abroad application reviewed.


For more information, please contact the Center for International Education and Programs at or stop by B105.

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