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Human Services

ECE 100 Health,Safety,Nutrition/Young Child  HUS 205 Introduction to Group Processes  
ECE 102 Introduction to Early Childhood Ed  HUS 206 Group Leadership Skills  
ECE 106 Experiential Learning in Human Svcs  HUS 210 Working With Families  
ECE 114 Infant-Toddler Care  HUS 211 Behavior Problems  
ECE 116 School-Age Activities & Programming  HUS 213 Crisis Intervention  
ECE 120 Music & Movement for the Young Child  HUS 215 Basic Substance Abuse and Treatment  
ECE 121 Math & Science for the Young Child  HUS 253 Topics in Human Services  
ECE 122 Creative Art Activities/Young Child  MEC 101 Mont. History and Philosophy  
ECE 123 Language Development for Young Child  MEC 102 Mont. Developmental Theory  
ECE 124 Curriculum Planning/Young Child  MEC 103 Mont. Activities & Programs  
ECE 150 Child Guidance Practices I  MEC 104 Mont. Child, Family & Community  
ECE 174 Child Growth and Development  MEC 105 Montessori Program Leadership  
ECE 203 Child Care Rules and Regulations  MEC 111 Mont. History, Philosophy & Pedagogy  
ECE 204 Students with Disabilities in School  MEC 112 Mont. Dev. Theory, Early Childhood  
ECE 205 Behavior Management  MEC 113 Montessori Practical Life  
ECE 206 Group Leadership Skills  MEC 114 Montessori Language Arts  
ECE 215 Child Care Administration  MEC 115 Montessori Mathematics  
ECE 220 Child, Family and Community  SUB 102 Prin. & Practices of Human Services  
FMV 101 Introduction to Family Violence  SUB 106 Experiential Learning in Human Svcs  
FMV 110 Rules and Regulations  SUB 110 Rules and Regulations  
FMV 150 Violence Against Women  SUB 122 Basic Substance Abuse Pharmacology  
HUS 102 Principles & Prac. of Human Services  SUB 125 Special Populations  
HUS 106 Experiential Learning in Human Svcs  SUB 201 Field Experience I and Seminar  
HUS 110 Issues in Human Services  SUB 202 Field Experience II and Seminar  
HUS 125 Special Populations  SUB 203 Field Experience III and Seminar  
HUS 201 Field Experience I & Seminar  SUB 205 Introduction to Group Processes  
HUS 202 Field Experience II & Seminar  SUB 213 Crisis Intervention  
HUS 203 Behavior Management  SUB 215 Basic Substance Abuse & Treatment  

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