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Modern Languages

CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I  ITN 201 Intermediate Italian I  
CHN 102 Elementary Chinese II  ITN 202 Intermediate Italian II  
CHN 201 Intermediate Chinese I  JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I  
CHN 202 Intermediate Chinese II  JPN 102 Elementary Japanese II  
FRN 101 Elementary French I  JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I  
FRN 102 Elementary French II  JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II  
FRN 201 Intermediate French I  RSN 101 Elementary Russian  
FRN 202 Intermediate French II  RSN 102 Elementary Russian II  
FRN 211 Conversational French I  SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I  
FRN 212 Conversational French II  SPN 102 Elementary Spanish II  
FRN 261 French Conversation Composition  SPN 171 Basic Spanish: Medical Personnel I  
FRN 262 Advanced French Composition Conv  SPN 172 Basic Spanish: Medical Personnel II  
GRM 101 Elementary German I  SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I  
GRM 102 Elementary German II  SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II  
GRM 201 Intermediate German I  SPN 211 Conversational Spanish I  
GRM 202 Intermediate German II  SPN 212 Conversational Spanish II  
GRM 211 Conversational German I  SPN 231 Spanish for Medical Personnel I  
GRM 212 Conversational German II  SPN 232 Spanish for Medical Personnel II  
GRM 261 German Conversation Composition  SPN 241 Spanish for Teachers I  
GRM 262 Advanced German Composition Conv  SPN 242 Spanish for Teachers II  
HIN 101 Elementary Hindi I  SPN 251 Spanish for Spanish Speakers I  
HIN 102 Elementary Hindi II  SPN 252 Spanish for Spanish Speakers II  
INS 280 Non-Traditional Language I  SPN 261 Spanish Conversation Composition  
INS 281 Non-Traditional Language II  SPN 262 Advanced Spanish Composition Conv  
ITN 101 Elementary Italian I  SPN 281 Topics in Spanish  
ITN 102 Elementary Italian II  

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