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ENG 094 Fundamentals of English  LIT 216 Masterpieces of English Lit I  
ENG 097 Communication Skills  LIT 217 Masterpieces of English Lit II  
ENG 098 Developmental Composition  LIT 219 Contemporary Literature  
ENG 101 English Composition I  LIT 220 LGBTQ Literature  
ENG 102 English Composition II  LIT 222 American Short Story-Reading & Film  
ENG 109 Expository Writing  LIT 223 International Literature  
ENG 110 Creative Writing  LIT 223 Survey of Non-Western Short Story  
ENG 210 Fiction Writing  LIT 225 Children's Literature  
ENG 211 Playwriting  LIT 229 Novel and Film  
ENG 212 Poetry Writing  LIT 230 Masterpieces of World Lit I  
ENG 213 Literary Non-Fiction Writing  LIT 231 Masterpieces of World Lit II  
LIT 201 Introduction to Literature:Fiction  LIT 232 Topics in Literature  
LIT 202 Introduction to Literature:Drama  LIT 235 Bible as Literature  
LIT 203 Introduction to Literature:Poetry  LIT 241 Great Books Seminar I  
LIT 205 Introduction to Shakespeare  LIT 242 Great Books Seminar II  
LIT 210 Contemporary Multicultural Lit  LIT 243 Great Books Seminar III  
LIT 210 Multicultural American Literature  LIT 244 Great Books Seminar IV  
LIT 211 Introduction to Literature by Women  LIT 245 Great Books Seminar V  
LIT 214 Masterpieces of American Lit I  LTC 099 College Literacy  
LIT 215 Masterpieces of American Lit II  

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