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Adult Basic & Secondary Ed

ABE 008 Ad Basic Ed 1 Eng Lang Learner  AMT 055 Low ASE Math V B  
ABE 009 Ad Basic Ed 2 English Lang Learner  AMT 056 Low ASE Math V B in Spanish  
ABE 018 Ad Basic Ed 11 Eng Lang Learner  AMT 060 High ASE Math VI  
ABE 019 Ad Basic Ed 12 Eng Lang Learner  AMT 061 High ASE Math VI in Spanish  
ABE 022 Ad Basic Ed 14 Eng Lang Learner  ARW 010 Beginning Reading/Writing Literacy I  
ABE 025 Ad Basic Ed 16 Eng Lang Learner  ARW 020 Beginning Reading/Writing Basic Educ II  
ABE 028 Ad Basic Ed 21 Eng Lang Learner  ARW 030 Low Inter Reading/Writing Basic Educ III  
ABE 029 Ad Basic Ed 22 Eng Lang Learner  ARW 040 High Inter Reading/Writing Basic Educ IV  
ABE 032 Ad Basic Ed 24 Eng Lang Learner  ARW 050 Low ASE Reading/Writ Content Area V  
ABE 035 Ad Basic Ed 26 Eng Lang Learner  ARW 051 Low ASE Read/Writ Content Area V Span  
ABE 040 English Literacy/Civics I  ARW 060 HI ASE Reading/Writ Content Area VI  
ABE 041 English Literacy/Civics II  ARW 061 Hi ASE Read/Writ Content Area VI Span  
ABE 054 Intro to Industrial Arts Careers  ASE 010 Ad Sec Ed 1 English Lang Learner  
ABE 055 Intro to Industrial Arts Careers  ASE 020 Ad Sec Ed 11 English Lang Learner  
ABE 060 Contextualized Beginning ABE  ASE 023 AD Sec Ed 12 English Lang Learner  
ABE 061 Contextualized Intermediate ABE  ASE 026 Ad Sec Ed 13 English Lang Learner  
ABE 070 Thriving in the Workplace  ASE 030 Ad Sec Ed 21 English Lang Learner  
ABE 071 Thriving in the Workplace  ASE 033 Ad Sec Ed 22 English Lang Learner  
ABE 083 Basic Computer Skills  ASE 036 Ad Sec Ed 23 English Lang Learner  
AMT 010 Beginning Math Literacy I  ASE 050 Introduction to Healthcare Professions  
AMT 020 Beginning Math Basic Education II  ASE 052 Introduction to Early Childhood Educ Pro  
AMT 030 Low Intermediate Math Basic Educ III  ASE 056 Intro to Industrial Arts Careers  
AMT 040 High Intermediate Math Basic Educ IV A  ASE 062 Contextualized ASE  
AMT 045 High Intermediate Math Basic Educ IV B  ASE 072 Thriving in the Workplace  
AMT 050 Low ASE Math V A  ASE 097 GED Review in Spanish  
AMT 051 Low ASE Math V A in Spanish  ASE 099 GED Review  

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