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MAS 243 Massage Therapy Practice Clinic III
Credit Hours: 1.5
Prerequisite: MAS 142

Under the supervision of instructors, students apply principles, techniques, and procedures learned to assess and treat clients, who are members of the community, individually in a setting that simulates a professional therapeutic massage practice. Students will serve as, and gain experience as, both as a massage therapist and an office manager. Students will also practice short massage event sequences and appropriate event intake. Students will demonstrate professional therapeutic communication skills, the proper application of both basic and more advanced bodywork techniques, proper body mechanics and draping techniques, use proper safety and sanitation practices, demonstrate critical thinking skills, and create documentation of each session. (1.2) Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Not Available

A criminal background check, drug test,and appropriate PSB-HOA test scores are required for the Massage Therapy(MAS) program. For more information please refer to

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