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HIN 101 Elementary Hindi I
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite: Reading: Grade of C or better in RDG 091 or LTC 099, an ACT Reading score of 18 or above oran appropriate placement score. Writing: Grade of C or better in ENG 098 or LTC 099, and ACT English score of 20 or above, or an appropriate placement score.

Designed for students with no previous knowledge of Hindi. Students will learn the basics of this major national language of India, as well as its historical cultural underpinnings. Essentials of grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure, and elementary composition will be introduced. Beginning level conversational ability will be developed, along with the abilities to read and write Hindi at an elementary level both in its traditional devanagari script and in romanization. (1.1) Proficiency Credit Available (2 HICT) Pass/No Credit Not Available

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