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GSD 123 Peer Educator Development
Variable Credit Hours: 1 - 2 Increment: 1
Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Students be in a verified campus or community leadership position such as: Student Orientation Leader, Peer Leader, Student Government Leader, Student Trustee, Club Officer, Trustee Scholars, Recovery Peers, Admissions Ambassadors, Supplemental Instructors, In-class tutors, Athletics, Emerging Scholars, Academic or Honors Fraternity Officer, etc.

In this course participants will develop skills to successfully guide other college students by identifying complex issues that affect an individual's ability to make a successful transition. Participants are introduced to student development theory while learning mentoring, cultural competency and leadership skills. The skills are applied through experiential activities using reflection to reinforce learning, lead with theory and promote participant growth and development. Course is repeatable three times. (1.1) Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Available

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