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GLY 220 Vertebrate Paleontology Field Method
Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in GLY 112
Recommended: Successful completion of high school biology

This course would apply classroom lessons in physical geology in the field of vertebrate paleontology. Students would travel with the instructor from Elgin, IL to Hanksville, UT. During the trip, many stops will be made to note changes in geology across the American Great Plains, through Iowa and Nebraska, to Colorado and Utah with discussions of global climate and geological changes throughout time. In Hanksville, the class will learn hands-on methods of prospecting, locating, and properly excavating late Jurassic-age dinosaur fossils with the highly experienced field crew from the Burpee Museum of Natural History from Rockford, IL. The course includes classroom discussions before and after the trip, with the field trip lasting approximately 8 days. The classroom portion of the course will require reading certain necessary manuscripts to facilitate discussion. Students must successfully pass all evaluation tools (exams, quizzes) in the pre-trip part in order to be allowed to participate in the trip. Students are required to complete a post-trip project based on the information learned in the classroom and field. Additional requirements: Due to the nature of the field work, students must be medically fit to participate in a moderately demanding physical activity at elevated temperatures. Due to safety consideration of work in the in quarry, students must be able to move unassisted on slightly uneven terrain. (1.1) Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Not Available

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