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ESL 013 High Beginning ESL
Variable Credit Hours: 0.5 - 6 Increment: 0.5
Prerequisite: Effective Summer 2017: Must be a non-native speaker of English who needs to work on basic skills. A placement test and departmental consent are required. Students on certain types of visas may not qualify for the program. Prerequisite through Spring 2017: A student must take an approved ESL test and departmental consent

High Beginning ESL is for individuals with a limited knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. At this level, students will develop skills in order to express everyday needs while mastering new vocabulary. They will begin to demonstrate proficiency in writing simple sentences. They will also begin to develop reading comprehension by reading simple paragraphs. Course is repeatable to 24 credits. (1.9) Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Available

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