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ECN 101 Fundamentals of Economics
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: Reading: Grade of C or better in RDG 091 or LTC 099, an ACT Reading score of 18 or above, or an appropriate placement score Writing: Grade of C or better in ENG 098 or LTC 099, an ACT English score of 20, or an appropriate placement score. Math: Grade of C or better in MTH 098 or MTH 099, an ACT Math score of 23, or an appropriate placement score or consent of instructor
Recommended: For students not planning further study in Principles of Macroeconomics or Principles of Microeconomics.

This course offers an overview of the foundations of economics. It includes an examination of the overall performance of the U.S. economy and its individual units. Topics studied include supply and demand, cost theory, market structures, economic growth, inflation, unemployment, the business cycle, fiscal and monetary policies, and the global economy. (Students pursuing business related or economic majors must not take this course. They must take Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics instead.) (1.1) Fulfills the ECC/IAI General Education/Social Sciences requirement. IAI Course Number: S3 900 Proficiency Credit Available (2 ITC) Pass/No Credit Not Available

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