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CUL 206 Garde Manger/International
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in CUL 203

The course will cover all practical application of cold food preparation and presentation, with an emphasis on international cookery. Traditional approaches, elements of artistry, new culinary concepts, and innovative methods will be addressed. Examples of various cold foods to be prepared will be hors do'oeuvres, buffet salads, pates and galantines, sausage making, smoking of foods, and cheeses. Before these foods can be displayed, there will be time spent on buffet presentation and layout, culminating with an International buffet to be served to the public. This course will provide the fundamentals necessary to build and perfect Garde Manger skills, which are essential for all foodservice professionals. (1.2) Proficiency Credit Available (2 EILST) Pass/No Credit Not Available

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