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CLT 101 Phlebotomy
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: Score in the 12th percentile or better in each section of the PSB-HOA exam

Students will learn basic techniques for blood specimen collection. Units on anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system, medical terminology, specimen processing, laboratory safety, infection control, quality control, and professional skills will also be covered. Students who wish to become certified as phlebotomy technicians must also complete 1.5 credits of CLT 120. (1.2) Proficiency Credit Available (2 EST) Pass/No Credit Not Available

SPECIAL NOTE: Explore the clinical laboratory technology program and come to an information session. For more details, go to

A criminal background check, drug test,and appropriate PSB-HOA test scores are required for the Clinical Laboratory Technology (CLT) program. For more information please refer to

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