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CHM 101 Preparatory Chemistry
Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisite: Reading: Grade of C or better in RDG 091, an ACT Reading score of 18 or above, or an appropriate placement score. Math: Grade of C or better in MTH 098 or MTH 099, an ACT Math score of 23, or appropriate placement test score.+

This course introduces basic chemical knowledge to those with no chemical background or those who need a "refresher" course. It includes such topics as atomic structure, periodic table, formulae, chemical equations, stoichiometry, and gas laws. Class time includes lecture, laboratory, and question sessions. The course is designed for chemistry majors as well as those in the pre-professional fields and meets the requirements for ECC's Nursing R.N. Program. (1.1) Fulfills the ECC/IAI General Education/Physical Sciences (lab) requirement. IAI Course Number P1 902L Proficiency Credit Available (2 LT) Pass/No Credit Available

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