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BIO 150 General Botany
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite: Reading: Grade of C or better in RDG 091, an ACT Reading score of 18 or above, or an appropriate placement score. Writing: Grade of C or better in ENG 098, an ACT English score of 20, or an appropriate placement score.+

Study of plant anatomy, growth and development under hormonal and environmental conditions, sexual and asexual reproduction, soil, plant nutrition and identification of the major families of flowering plants and their evolution. Laboratory sessions include: microscopic examinations, soil testing and modifications as well as the greenhouse growing of plants and field work. This is a very practical class for everyone. (1.1) Fulfills the ECC/IAI General Education/Life Sciences (lab) requirement. IAI Course Number: L1 901L Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Not Available

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