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Alumni Relations
Bldg B, Room B230.16, ECC Campus
Tel: 847-214-7746

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  • Alumni sports day
  • Brick dedication ceremony
  • Distinguished alumni award & founders' day brunch

Alumni Events & Activities

The calendar is full of a myriad of activities. We would love to see you on campus!

Stand Up and Be Counted

We are searching for District 509 businesses, business leaders or owners and their employees who have attended or graduated from ECC. Help us connect with, and count those who are ECC alumni, so that we may recognize and celebrate the role your business plays in keeping the local economy strong.

Looking to Participate?

  • Alumni - Stand up and be counted! Complete form»
  • Businesses - Please call Alumni Relations

Founders’ Day Celebration and Luncheon

Photo from foundation event

The Founders' Day Celebration is an annual event, held to commemorate the founding of the college in 1949. The Founders' Day Celebration also recognizes the distinguished accomplishments of ECC's students, alumni, employees, retirees, and other community supporters and partners who have been an integral part of ECC's history and the fulfillment of its mission. In 2014 the college will be celebrating its 65th anniversary! The Founders' Day Celebration will include a plated, upscale, four-course luncheon, including an appetizing champagne reception. Register

Alumni Sports Day

Image of sports day event

Alumni versus current teams in men's and women's basketball, baseball and women's soccer make this day special. New this year, is a social event from 3 to 6 p.m. that includes naming our first hall of fame inductees! Register

Pathway to Knowledge Brick Campaign

Image of brick campaign

Reserve your place on the pathway to knowledge, a beautifully landscaped walkway in the center of the ECC campus for all to enjoy. Download & complete order form