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Catalog Year: 2018

Associate in Applied Science: Radiography

Program Description

A degree in radiography provides both classroom and clinical instruction in this fast-paced, technically demanding world. Students learn how radiographers become valuable members of the healthcare team as they master patient procedures, gain proficiency in producing X-ray images, discover the best ways to maintain patient records and other job-related skills necessary in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury. Course work includes a solid foundation in science upon which students build their knowledge of patient care, procedures, techniques, radiation safety and safe operation and expertise with equipment. Graduates earning ECC's degree in radiography will be eligible to take the national certifying examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and for accreditation (licensure) by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency - Division of Nuclear Safety. It meets the curricular requirements of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Radiography AAS Required Courses : RADIO AAS Req Crss

Take :
RAD-101 and RAD-102 and RAD-103 and RAD-104 and RAD-105 and RAD-106 and RAD-107 and RAD-124 and RAD-134 and RAD-208 and RAD-209 and RAD-210 and RAD-211 and RAD-212 and RAD-220 and RAD-230 and RAD-240 and RAD-242 and RAD-256 and RAD-266 and ENG-101 and ENG-102 and PSY-218 and BIO-246 and CMS-215

Liberal Education Requirement : Liberal Education

Take 3.00000 Credit(s) from :
ART-115 or ART-130 or ART-151 or ART-152 or ART-153 or ART-154 or ART-155 or FRN-101 or FRN-102 or FRN-201 or FRN-202 or FRN-211 or FRN-212 or FRN-261 or FRN-262 or GRM-101 or GRM-102 or GRM-201 or GRM-202 or GRM-211 or GRM-212 or GRM-261 or GRM-262 or SPN-101 or SPN-102 or SPN-201 or SPN-202 or SPN-211 or SPN-212 or SPN-231 or SPN-232 or SPN-241 or SPN-242 or SPN-251 or SPN-252 or SPN-261 or SPN-262 or SPN-281 or CHN-101 or CHN-102 or CHN-201 or CHN-202 or JPN-101 or JPN-102 or JPN-202 or ITN-101 or ITN-102 or ITN-201 or ITN-202 or HIN-101 or HIN-102 or RSN-101 or HIS-118 or HIS-160 or HUM-100 or HUM-101 or HUM-102 or HUM-103 or HUM-104 or HUM-107 or HUM-110 or HUM-112 or HUM-113 or HUM-115 or HUM-116 or HUM-117 or HUM-118 or HUM-124 or HUM-170 or HUM-202 or HUM-203 or HUM-204 or HUM-205 or HUM-208 or HUM-216 or HUM-217 or HUM-219 or HUM-224 or HUM-231 or HUM-297 or INS-280 or INS-281 or LIT-201 or LIT-202 or LIT-203 or LIT-205 or LIT-210 or LIT-211 or LIT-214 or LIT-215 or LIT-216 or LIT-217 or LIT-220 or LIT-219 or LIT-222 or LIT-223 or LIT-225 or LIT-229 or LIT-230 or LIT-231 or LIT-232 or LIT-235 or LIT-241 or LIT-242 or LIT-243 or LIT-244 or LIT-245 or MUS-104 or MUS-105 or MUS-106 or MUS-107 or CMS-106 or CMS-120 or THE-100 or THE-122 or THE-124 or IAI-HUM or GEN-HUM or IAI-FAR or GEN-FAR or IAI-HFI or GEN-HFI or LIB-ELEC

Notice of Disclaimer

This catalog is provided for informational purposes only. The college reserves the right to change, modify, or alter all fees, tuition, expenses, and costs of any kind and further reserves the right to add or delete without notice any course or program offering, service or information in this catalog. It is the responsibility of any student or employee to become familiar with any changes in this catalog.

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