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Catalog Year: 2018

Associate in Applied Science: Physical Therapist Assistant

Program Description

The program has two components, didactic and clinical. Classroom instruction includes theory and laboratory practice in a variety of assessments and interventions including therapeutic exercise, manual muscle testing, physical agents, gait analysis and training, and therapeutic massage. PTA lecture and lab classes are held during daytime hours. Clinical practicums are attended during the day. Students will receive clinical education at multiple sites and a variety of practice settings. They receive instruction and direct supervision from licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants while applying and developing their ?hands-on? skills with patients. Accreditation: The physical therapist assistant program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

Physical Therapist Assistant Required Courses : PTA Required Courses

Take :
ENG-101 and PTA-112 and PTA-120 and PTA-110 and PTA-114 and PSY-100 and ENG-102 and PTA-122 and PTA-123 and PTA-125 and HUM-216 and PSY-218 and CMS-215 and PTA-231 and PTA-232 and PTA-241 and PTA-242 and PTA-250

Physical Therapist Assistant Required Courses : BIO 110 OR BIO 113

Take 1 Course(s) from :
BIO-110 or BIO-113

Human Anatomy & Physiology Requirement : BIO240 OR BIO245&246

Take :

Human Anatomy & Physiology Requirement : BIO240 OR BIO245&246

Take :
BIO-245 and BIO-246

Notice of Disclaimer

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