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Catalog Year: 2018

Associate in Fine Arts-Music

Program Description

These requirements are effective for new students admitted to ECC beginning summer, 1998 or later. Music Performance Emphasis Any community or junior college student who intends to major in music for the baccalaureate degree is strongly encouraged to complete the Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) degree in music, not the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree or the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree prior to transfer. To transfer as a junior into a baccalaureate program with a major in Music, students should select the option described in consultation with a faculty member in the music department. Completion of the A.F.A. degree, however, does not fulfill the requirements of the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum, nor does it fulfill the requirements for the A.A. or the A.S. degree. Therefore, students will need to fulfill the general education requirements of the institution to which they transfer. Transfer admission is competitive. Completion of this option alone does not guarantee admission either to the baccalaureate program or to upper-division or specialty music courses. Students may be required to demonstrate skill level through auditions and placement testing at the institution to which they transfer. In some colleges and universities, a baccalaureate degree may also require competency in a foreign language. The General Education courses required for the A.F.A. degree are approved by the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI); however, the structure of the A.F.A. degree does not meet the minimum IAI general education core requirements.

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Communications : Communications

Take :
ENG-101 and ENG-102


Take :

Mathematics : Math Requirement

Take 3.00000 Credit(s) from :
MTH-101 or MTH-102 or MTH-104 or MTH-120 or MTH-125 or MTH-126 or MTH-133 or MTH-134 or MTH-201 or IAI-MTH or GEN-MTH

Physical and Life Sciences : PHYSICAL SCIENCE

Take 3.00000 Credit(s) from :
ATY-100 or CHM-101 or CHM-112 or CHM-115 or CHM-142 or GEO-115 or GLY-105 or GLY-112 or PHY-101 or PHY-111 or APS-111 or APS-101 or IAI-PSC or GEN-PSC or IAI-PSL or GEN-PSL

Physical and Life Sciences : LIFE SCIENCE

Take 3.00000 Credit(s) from :
BIO-105 or BIO-108 or BIO-110 or BIO-113 or BIO-114 or BIO-115 or BIO-150 or IAI-LSC or GEN-LSC or IAI-LSL or GEN-LSL

Physical and Life Sciences : LAB COMPONENT

Take 1 Course(s) from :
BIO-108 or BIO-110 or BIO-113 or BIO-115 or BIO-150 or CHM-101 or CHM-112 or CHM-115 or CHM-142 or GLY-112 or PHY-101 or PHY-111 or APS-111 or APS-101 or IAI-PSL or GEN-PSL or IAI-LSL or GEN-LSL

Humanities : HUMANITIES

Take 2 Course(s) from :
FLF-104 or FLG-104 or FLS-104 or HIS-118 or HIS-160 or HUM-101 or HUM-102 or HUM-103 or HUM-110 or HUM-112 or HUM-113 or HUM-115 or HUM-116 or HUM-170 or HUM-202 or HUM-203 or HUM-204 or HUM-205 or HUM-216 or LIT-201 or LIT-202 or LIT-203 or LIT-205 or LIT-210 or LIT-211 or LIT-214 or LIT-215 or LIT-216 or LIT-217 or LIT-220 or LIT-223 or LIT-229 or LIT-230 or LIT-231 or LIT-235 or LIT-241 or LIT-242 or LIT-243 or LIT-244 or LIT-245 or IAI-HUM or GEN-HUM or IAI-HFI or GEN-HFI

Social and Behavioral Science Requirement : Social & Behv. Sci

Take 1 Course(s) from :
ECN-101 or ECN-102 or ECN-103 or GEO-116 or GEO-216 or HIS-101 or HIS-102 or HIS-115 or HIS-116 or HIS-120 or HIS-121 or HIS-130 or HIS-131 or HIS-140 or HIS-141 or HIS-151 or HIS-152 or POS-150 or POS-151 or POS-152 or POS-250 or POS-251 or POS-253 or ATR-120 or ATR-210 or ATR-220 or PSY-100 or PSY-212 or PSY-214 or PSY-215 or PSY-218 or SOC-100 or SOC-201 or SOC-209 or SOC-210 or SOC-211 or SOC-220 or IAI-SSC or GEN-SSC or IAI-BSC or GEN-BSC or IAI-SBI or GEN-SBI

Music AFA Major Courses : MUS AFA Major Crss

Take :
MUS-106 and MUS-107 and MUS-126 and MUS-127 and MUS-128 and MUS-129 and MUS-228 and MUS-229

Music AFA Major Courses : MUS 140-Applied Int

Take 4.00000 Credit(s) from :

Music AFA Major Courses : MUS 240-Applied Int

Take 4.00000 Credit(s) from :

Music AFA Major Courses : Ensemble

Take 4.00000 Credit(s) from :
MUS-101 or MUS-102 or MUS-108 or MUS-110 or MUS-111 or MUS-112 or MUS-124

Notice of Disclaimer

This catalog is provided for informational purposes only. The college reserves the right to change, modify, or alter all fees, tuition, expenses, and costs of any kind and further reserves the right to add or delete without notice any course or program offering, service or information in this catalog. It is the responsibility of any student or employee to become familiar with any changes in this catalog.

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