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From pipelines and skyscrapers to automobiles, boilers and
aeronautics, welding is the primary process for repairing and
fabricating metal components. For the skilled welder and flame
cutter, there are many challenging opportunities available right now
and leading indicators show that the demand is likely to continue and
expand through the 21st century. At ECC, welding processes covered
in this program are arc, oxyacetylene, gas tungsten arc (TIG) and gas
metal arc (MIG). Cutting processes include oxy fuel and plasma arc in
both manual and optical tracer modes. Students also study and analyze
the composition of various metals before and after processing.

The welding program has a four semester degree program in advanced
metal fabrication processes plus four, short-term certificates.
Certificate options are designed so that coursework may be applied to
the degree,should the student pursue additional study, and they allow
for maximum flexibility which makes them ideal for those currently
working in the field and for those who need to obtain greater
specialization or more credentials.

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