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Gainful Employment

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Digital Technologies

Digital technology skills are the infrastructure of industries
and businesses. Digital technologies represent the use of
digital resources in the workplace to help businesses
effectively identify, analyze, create, maintain, and communicate
information. Nearly all industries and businesses use one or more
forms of digital technology. Digital technologies range from the
use of low-level electronic tools, devices, social media,
desktop publishing, document formatting, spreadsheets, databases,
and communication tools to specialized support of
computing environments. Large-scale computer systems support
engineers with an understanding of computer science
fundamentals, operating systems, application
development, troubleshooting, and help desk fundamentals
increasingly, network technologies and administration are in high

ECC offers certificate and degree programs that prepare students
for opportunities in digital technology careers. The programs support
a variety of diverse industries and college transfer options, which
are inclusive of computer applications, system applications,
networking, cloud computing, and other evolving technologies that
meet business and industry needs.

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