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Gainful Employment

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Computer Integrated Mfg.

ECC prepares students for entry-level employment in jobs such as
general machinist, tool and die maker, mold maker, special machine
builder, maintenance machinist,computer aided manufacturing
technician, computer numerical control (CNC) operator or programmer,
set-up specialist, industrial sales and supervision. In the
industrial manufacturing degree, students learn about
computer-controlled production machines which include a variety of
machine tools running on CNC programmed instructions. Students master
programming skills using CNC equipment. Plus electives in computer
aided manufacturing or traditional machine tool processes allow
students to specialize or pursue concentrated study.

ECC's machine tool degree is ideal for the student interested in a
career as a tool and die maker. In addition to the technical
background needed for this highly skilled and well paid trade,
students take additional courses in liberal arts and sciences to
broaden their academic background and prepare them for supervisory
positions. Upon graduation, most students are prepared to enter the
third year of a four-year tool and die apprenticeship.

IMT course work is approved by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of
Apprenticeship Training for the supplemental instruction portion of
local industry apprenticeship programs in tool and die maker, mold
maker, and machinist including CNC programming, CNC operations/setup
and MasterCam software training.

Prepare for Immediate Employment

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