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Gainful Employment

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Emergency Services

The emergency services training programs at ECC are designed to
teach the fundamentals of several emergency services disciplines. The
emergency services programs educate firefighters,
emergency dispatchers, and emergency medical technicians as well
as paramedics. The programs are designed to provide students with the
knowledge and skills to be successful in their chosen
disciplines, including fire science (FSS), emergency medical
technician-basic (EMT-B), emergency medical technician-paramedic
EMT-P) as well as emergency dispatcher (PSC). Students
acquire specialized knowledge and skills training from current
emergency services practitioners. The emergency services training
programs also benefit veteran emergency services professionals who
need to update their skills and educations. All training
received within the emergency services training programs is in
compliance with local, state, and national certifying
agencies, enabling graduates the opportunity to obtain
job-ready certifications.

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Transfer Credits to 4 Year University

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  • Transfer Options for AAS in Fire Science and Safety


    • Basic Operations Firefighter Sponsorship Form
      Basic Operations Firefighters BVS program requires that a student must be engaged in firefighting and a member of an organized Illinois fire department or Fire Brigade and employed by a fire department with appropriate sponsorship, insurance coverage, and an Illinois State Driver’s License.

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