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Energy Management

The degree in energy management prepares students for work as a
mid-level technician in large commercial facilities which make
extensive use of computer-based building automation systems. Students
design, retrofit, test, balance, and commission environmental
controls and computerized building automation systems. Students learn
current methods of performing efficiency evaluations for energy
management control while meeting indoor air quality standards
required for the specific building application. Students actually
perform energy and systems analysis in the ECC lab and in area

The degree in energy management/ renewable energy prepares students
for work as a mid-level technician in the renewable energy industry.
Students seeking this degree design, retrofit, test, balance and
troubleshoot environmental controls and renewable energy systems. The
course of study includes work in the fields of solar heating, wind
energy, solar electricity, and energy auditing. Students learn to
evaluate energy management and renewable energy systems in both
residential and commercial buildings. Students study ways to optimize
existing residential and commercial building automation systems as
well as new state-of-the-art systems. In addition to classroom study,
students actually perform energy audits and systems analysis on
buildings located in the Elgin area.

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