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Criminal Justice

Increasing complexities of our society, and its laws are influencing
more criminal justice agencies to consider candidates for employment
that possess a college education. The degree in criminal justice
features opportunities to learn essential knowledge for preparedness
to work in the criminal justice field, but does not cover the
professional courses that lead to police or corrections officer
certification. There are also opportunities for police officers and
other practitioners to receive credit for their experiences in this
program. Course work includes the philosophies of community policing,
professional integrity and ethics,personal fitness, broad-based
criminal justice education and writing across the curriculum.

The certificate in criminal justice law enforcement is designed for
individuals who may want a basic knowledge or better understanding of
the criminal justice field, or are interested in careers in the
criminal justice field such as law enforcement, corrections,
probation or private security.

Prepare for Immediate Employment

Transfer Credits to 4 Year University

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