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Computer & Info Sciences

The degree in microcomputer specialist allows students maximum
flexibility to select classes that best suit their skills, strengths,
educational and career goals and meet industry standards. Classes
leading to industry certification have been designed to prepare
students for CompTIA A+ and Microsoft MCDST and MCSA exams. The
curriculum also includes fundamentals of computers systems, operating
systems, programming, troubleshooting, help-desk fundamentals,
network technologies and administration. Students also develop
proficiency in popular microcomputer applications such as word
processing, spreadsheet, database, and internet publishing.

The degree in digital forensics will prepare you to identify, collect
and maintain digital artifacts to preserve their reliability for
admission as evidence in a court of law. Computers and other digital
devices are used today in just about every facet of our business and
personal lives. As society becomes more dependent on these devices to
communicate and store data, evidence trails are left in electronic

Prepare for Immediate Employment

Transfer Credits to 4 Year University

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